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Patient Data Analysis
Companies across pharma industry are realizing the need to develop innovative marketing strategies to combat increased competition and limited access. Sales force analytics and decision support based on physician level data - once a key source of competitive advantage - is today, the least you can do to keep up with the competition. Realizing the need and importance to understand physician behavior more accurately and to estimate NRx more precisely, many savvy brand managers are turning to patient level data.

Patient level data is revolutionizing the way pharmaceutical companies evaluate market opportunities, analyze brand performance and develop sales and marketing strategy. By filling in the gaps in traditional physician-level prescription data, patient data analysis can answer critical business questions including-
  • Is a new prescription truly new, continuing, restart, or add-on therapy?
  • Which brand are my patients switching to/from?
  • Are patients taking all of their medicine as prescribed?
  • Who should I invite to local speaker programs?
  • How should I segment and target physicians?
  • How many samples should be left with each physician or group practice?
marketRx's Patient Data Analysis solutions can provide the much needed competitive advantage you need to take your brand performance to the next level. Patient data can have very strong impact on brand performance and can provide the key levers to improve your product performance. Integrating patient data with primary market research, our solutions can address your key business issues including:

Key Opinion Leader Identification & Targeting
Call Planning
Optimal Sample Allocation
Brand Performance Tracking
Field Performance Measurement and Incentive Compensation

Key Opinion Leader Identification
Key Opinion Leader (KOL) identification is an important aspect of brand strategy at all stages in the product life cycle. By sharing trial and product information with the medical community and influencing peer prescribing, a well-defined and executed KOL strategy can create a surge of adoption, driving your brand performance to new heights.

Of course, the success of a KOL strategy depends on identifying the right opinion leaders - and understanding their network of influence. Traditionally primary market research is used to identify KOLs but use of longitudinal patient data deepens the analysis by revealing physician influence networks and identifying more regional and local opinion leaders.

marketRx has developed a new and innovative approach by combining patient level data with market research to deliver the most robust, actionable physician influence findings. Our solution can help you identify national, regional and local KOLs, and our valuation methodology will help you understand which of these physicians you should target.

Call Planning
marketRx, the industry leaders in
call planning, is breaking new ground in developing call strategies by translating patient level data into more precise physician targeting: Our Solution can help you
  • Identify the volume of target patients treated by each potential target physician
  • Evaluate each physician's propensity to initiate or maintain therapy
  • Use physician referral networks as an aid to detailing
  • Incorporate patient data to modify physician targeting
  • Implement improved detail messaging
Optimal Sample Allocation
Most sample allocation approaches use new prescriptions as the unit of analysis. But NRx data contains some noise - continuing and restarted prescriptions, for example - that can hamper the estimate of new brand starts, the relevant measure for sample optimization.

marketRx's Optimal Sample Allocation solution incorporates patient level data as a true measure of new brand starts to more precisely determine the optimal level of sampling for a physician or group practice.

Brand Performance Tracking
There's no question that new and total prescriptions are very important metrics to measure and diagnose performance. But traditional physician level prescription data does not tell the whole story. It's very difficult to deduce from physician data
  • If the prescription come from brand new patients or was it just a refill ?
  • If the patients are taking their medication as prescribed or not?
  • Have they switched to some other brand? What drugs have they switched to or from?
Patient level data uncovers in-depth market dynamics, adding a valuable dimension to typical market tracking done with prescription data. Some metrics that APLD can uncover include:
  • Source of business
  • Switching
  • Persistence and compliance
  • Patient, procedure, and
  • Diagnosis volumes
  • Patient demographics
  • Treatment patterns
  • Co-pay sensitivity
  • Concomitant therapies
  • Co-morbidities
  • Tracking KPIs by Indication
Field Performance Measurement and Incentive Compensation
Leverage Longitudinal Patient Data to effectively measure sales performance and provides more precise measurement of field effectiveness.

marketRx can help you sift through potential Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), identify the most appropriate metrics for your brand, and incorporate patient data into your brand tracking to provide you a new perpective into your brand's performance - and the competition.

Case Study Example: Leveraging patient level data to identify KOLs for better field targeting and call planning
Objectives The client wanted to improve its call plan by identifying, valuating and incorporating territory-level KOLs, prior to launching a new cardiovascular drug for a specific demographic group.
Key Points
  • marketRx team used longitudinal patient level data to identify local KOLs and provided additional valuation information based on new brand starts
  • An internet survey was conducted among 875 physicians, where the sample comprised 223 cardiologists and 652 PCPs
  • Results were tested at 95% level to identify differences between specialties
  • A 'Valuation Index' indicating the calculated influence of each KOL was developed and incorporated into call planning
Key Outcomes
  • 1,660 unique KOLs were identified across 3 regions - Northeast, Southeast and West
  • Client has been able to significantly improve the call plan based on the findings by incorporating territory-level KOLs and achieved better field targeting

Leverage the power of marketRx's Longitudinal Patient Data analysis solution for all your strategic market planning, sales planning and tracking including brand strategy needs in complex markets to optimize your brand performance

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